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Reentry Spotlight

Norman Robinson

Newly appointed Deputy Director of the Office of Offender Reentry

Please let me take this opportunity to introduce myself as the newly appointed Deputy Director of the Office of Offender Reentry. I would like to reassure that although I have joined this section recently, I am not new to the department or how important reentry is to the community.

I earned a Masters Degree in Public Administration and a Bachelor of Arts in Social Services. I began my career with the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction in 1996 as a parole officer. I joined the Chillicothe Correctional Institution in August 2010 to serve as the Deputy Warden of Special Services. I held various positions throughout my career prior to being appointed as the warden in October 2011. On June 1, 2014, I was chosen to lead the Office of Reentry for ODRC. I have the experience of institutional operations and parole field experience that will assist the department’s mission of offender reentry.


Norman Robinson, Deputy Director Office of Offender Reentry

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Our Mission

The mission of the Ohio Ex-Offender Reentry Coalition is to ensure successful offender reentry, reduce recidivism and enhance public safety.

The Coalition will achieve these goals through collaborative partnerships with government entities, faith and community-based organizations and other stakeholders.

The Coalition will utilize a holistic evidence-based approach that starts at the point of contact with the criminal justice system and includes education, families, health services, alcohol and other drug treatment, job training, mentorship and housing.

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