Ohio Ex-Offender Reentry Coalition Sub Committees

Annual Report Committee

Co-Chairs Brad DeCamp (ODADAS) and Darryl Graves

This committee was responsible for the development of the Coalition’s comprehensive five year strategic plan.  The committee reviewed each department’s strategic plans, prioritized needs based upon community assessments, and the Director’s Flexible Performance Agreements that address state and community goals, but on a collective level. The strategic plan is an evolving document that can modified throughout its lifetime as objectives are met or additional needs are identified by Coalition members.  The strategic plan is inclusive of the wide array of disciplines represented on the Coalition.

The Annual Report Committee is responsible for articulating the mission of each agency and its constituents into an organized format.  Since the completion of the five-year strategic plan, the committee is now responsible for the preparation and submission of the Annual Report to the Governor’s Office by April 7th of each calendar year.

For questions, please contact: Brad DeCamp, or Darryl Graves

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Grant Development Committee

Chair Brian Byorth (DRC)

This committee is responsible for developing procedures and protocols when applying for grant opportunities as a collective body, providing technical assistance to local partners, supplying letters of support, and seeking out additional funding opportunities. The Committee will be supportive of working with and lending or arranging for technical assistance to parties that apply for reentry-related grants. 

The grants committee serves as the single point of contact for grant submissions.  The committee members are all experienced grant writers and reviewers, and will serve as the subject matter experts.  The goal is to offer the Coalition’s support whenever possible to enhance the competitiveness of grants submitted from state/local agencies/jurisdictions in Ohio.

Protocol-Agencies and community organizations seeking endorsement from the Reentry Coalition must submit their request via email to Brian Byorth. The request cannot be less than 72 hours before the grant submission deadline.  Requests must also contain a draft of the proposed submission, statistical relations, draft support letter, and contact information. Submissions will be reviewed for content and overall objectives.   Letters of support if approved will be provided on Coalition letterhead and sent electronically to the identified contact person. 

For questions, please contact Brian Byorth.

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Quality Improvement Research Committee  (QIRC)

Chair- Sharon Schnelle (OCJS) and Jeff Spears (DYS)

The work of the committee will focus on developing and providing in-service and post-service performance measures relative to each of the objectives contained in the strategic plan.

The QIRC committee will begin to prepare statistics for eventual inclusion the annual report that must be submitted to the legislature.  The report will provide a summary of activities as well as recommendations for legislation that will remedy the barriers offenders face in reentry.  The QIRC committee will coordinate its efforts with the Annual Report Committee which has the primary responsibility for producing the Coalition’s annual report.

For questions, please contact Sharon Schnelle or Jeff Spears.

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Website Committee  

Chair- Brian Byorth

The purpose of the Reentry Coalition Website Committee is to enhance communication, by providing open access to timely, accurate and useful information about Offender Reentry in Ohio and throughout the country.  The website provides electronic access to public forums and documents, including the coalition’s operating procedures and by-laws, agendas, minutes, reports, meeting schedules, and news items. Information about non-profit organization and community events may also be included.

Committee responsibilities include:

  •  Designing and developing a publicly accessible website that includes information that is important and useful members and other interested parties
  •  Recommending enhancements to the website, and seeking approval from the committee before implementing any significant changes to core functionality of content
  • Ensuring that the security of the website is not compromised
  • Reporting on website activities. Soliciting and responding to user feedback. Reviewing the website to ensure that it is up to date, accessible, and easy to use

For questions, or to submit content for posting, please contact Brian Byorth.

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Collateral Sanctions Database Committee

Darryl Graves, ODRC and Attorney Stephen JohnsonGrove, Ohio Justice & Policy Center

The purpose of this group is to establish a public online collateral sanctions database that will allow users to enter a criminal charge and receive a list of housing, employment, civil rights, and relevant consequences associated with a conviction under Ohio law.  

The design will be accessible and beneficial to a wide user base including defense attorneys, prosecutors, judges, social workers, school admissions offices, and educators. Job-placement specialists and other individuals working with people with criminal records will be able to direct their clients to appropriate employment opportunities and job training programs, and advocates will be able to educate legislators and agency policy makers.  

Committee responsibilities:

  • To explore solutions to collateral consequences of convictions which create legal barriers to offender re-entry including civil rights, government benefits, professional exclusions, and housing.
  • To develop recommendations related to maintenance costs and user fees.
  • To offer recommendations on how to solicit updates to maintain the integrity of the database.

For questions, please contact: Darryl Graves (614) 728-1185 or Attorney Stephen JohnsonGrove
(513) 421-1108 ext 14.

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